COVID-19: US Now The Global Epicentre Of The CoronaVirus

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The United States of America with more than 83,000 people testing positive for the COVID-19, has surpassed Italy which has reported the most deaths, and China where the virus was first detected in December. The US has reportedly recorded 1,178 deaths while the global death toll still stands at 23,293.

“We are waging war on this virus using every financial, scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and military resource, to halt its spread and protect our citizens,” US President Donald Trump said.

With about 40 percent of Americans under lockdown orders, Trump urged citizens to do their part by practicing social distancing.

President Trump and the US Senate leaders have reached a ‘bipartisan agreement’ on a $2trillion coronavirus spending bill for Americans. The relief package will see people making up to $75,000 a year, receiving up to $1,200, while couples receiving up to $150,000 salaries will receive $2,400. The bill will also mark out $100bilion in assistance funds for hospitals and $350billion in assistance to small businesses.

With fears mounting of a global recession, leaders from the group of 20 major economies held crisis talks by video link on Thursday 26th March, pledging a “united front” to fight the outbreak, along with financial injection.



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