Errol Spencer Jr rushed to hospital after crashing his Ferrari

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Errol Spencer Jr on Thursday, October 10, was involved in a terrible car crash that landed the boxing welterweight champion in the hospital. It is understood that the American boxer was driving at full speed and was believed not to have used his seat belt as he crashed his Ferrari in Dallas.

Reports claim the 29-year-old and his Ferrari flipped multiple times before it had the horrible collision in the early hours of Wednesday, October 10.

Spence Jr, is now in the intensive care unit and police say the driver is expected to survive the serious accident. A Dallas Police statement said: “At 2:53am a Ferrari traveling at a high rate of speed northbound in the 500 S. Riverfront Blvd. “The Ferrari veered left over the center median onto the southbound lanes and flipped multiple times ejecting the driver who was not wearing a seatbelt”.

The unbeaten welterweight champion posted a video to his Instagram stories earlier in the night showing a pal dancing in a nightclub.


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