How to Get the Best Results when applying Lipstick

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Prepping for the end of year parties have begun! The rule of applying the right lipstick is to understand your skin tone and how it blends with your outfit.

The right lip stick colour can change your facial look from bland to glam.

Take note of the following when applying lipsticks to get the best result:


Dry lips is a complete no-no. It creates a patchy-finish. Make sure you moisturise your lips before applying the lip stick.

2.Define your lips

You don’t want to appear clowns. Before swiping the colour on your lips directly, you must define your lips with a lip liner thicker than the lipstick. This also prevents the lipstick from smearing around the edges.

3.Choose the right shade 

Ensure you test the colour before you purchase. You should look for a colour that brightens your face and complexion instead of making you look dull instead.

4.Apply the right way

Whenever you apply your lipstick, start from the center of your lips to the corner. Once you’ve applied the lip colour, blot with a tissue paper and then apply a second coat for long-lasting stay. Use a lip brush for a more precise application.

Also, take time when you’re applying it. You should pat foundation directly onto your lips first to ensure you get the exact colour in the tube.


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