How to Wear Capes in Style

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The cape trend is here! it is one fashion trend we see quite often on runways.

Cape, whether it’s worn as a coat or a blazer, gives a touch of elegance to any outfit you have on. Different from a poncho because of the holes for your arms, capes have been around forever and they’re pretty timeless.

They’re also a little confusing to wear. Capes are pretty unique, and wearing one can feel a little bit like dressing up sometimes – but in a good way.

Though, no written account tells us when the cape first made its appearance in history. It is theorized that this piece of clothing has been worn literally since the start of time. In fact, an ancient French word, “cloke,” is thought to derive from the Latin word “cloca,” meaning cape.

One of the earliest accounts of capes being worn comes from a costume plate that dates back to 1066. This costume plate depicts a soldier or a shepherd wearing a cape across his shoulders. Another historical account, this one dating to the 1300s, shows a woman sitting down while wearing a cape attached to the collar of her dress.

The earliest written accounts sometimes refer to capes as mantels or “mentels”. Other accounts simply refer to them as cloaks. People who made cloaks or capes in the medieval times were called “mentel makers.”

Here are some stylish tips on how to wear capes this festive season:

1. Keep it simple and wear your cape as a coat with jeans and a hat.

2. Choose a blazer cape, and wear it just like you would wear a regular blazer. 

3. Stay warm in a skirt during cold weather by adding a cape to the outfit. 

4. A cape is a classic – so why not pair it with other classic items, like a striped shirt, a chambray shirt, and flats.

5. Pair your cape with over-the-knee boots, a skirt, and a blouse with a big bow for a fancy, preppy look.

6. A cape is great for when you’re wearing a nice dress and tights. It still looks pretty! 

7. Add a long statement necklace and a floppy hat for extra glam.

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