Jackie Aina launches iconic palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills

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If you saw Jackie Aina trending online today and wondered why, well it’s probably due to her explosive new product in collaboration with beauty giants, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Jackie Aina is one of the most prolific beauty influencers in the world and a huge supporter of people of colour within the industry. So it’s no surprise that her latest makeup collaboration is especially for the dark girls according to the woman herself.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Jackie Aina Palette is a limited-edition palette created in collaboration with influencer Jackie Aina, featuring Jackie’s must-have eye-shadow and pressed pigment shades for straight-up gorgeous looks.

Create everything from neutral matte eye-shadow looks to dazzling metallic makeup looks.

The shades included are Soleil (Metallic soft peach with a gold shift), Supreme (Matte rosy pink), Pinker (Matte mid-tone cool plum), Big wig (Matte rich purple), Dwollahs (Metallic golden olive), Credit (Deep matte plum brown), Lituation (Metallic deep taupe with a violet shift), Zamn (Sparkling rose gold), Wiggalese (Metallic cranberry red), Shookington (Metallic violet with a blue shift), Trust issues (Sparkling white gold), Edges (Matte deep peach), Sponsored (Metallic chocolate with a teal shift) and Ginger (Matte caramel brown).

Speaking to Refinery29 about how the collaboration came about, Jackie Aina said, “Norvina, the president of the brand, reached out to me and told me that she was getting requests to work with me.

” I attended a creative brainstorm with her team and, at the time, a palette wasn’t even on the table. In my opinion, ABH leads the way for quality in that category. I love its shadows, but as a consumer, I felt like there were some voids I could fill.

“Many eyeshadow palettes are made for the masses. You always have two or three shades you never wear because you don’t like them or the pigment doesn’t work on your skin tone.

“Even if someone doesn’t like a particular colour in the palette, there are definitely shades that will look good on medium and dark skin.”

That one meeting kick-started a year of hard work between Jackie Aina and the ABH team to reject, finalise and decide on the final composition of said palette.

The finished product was a 14-pan palette full of sumptuous, pigmented colours that would pop on everyone but in particular, dark girls who are often excluded from the mainstream beauty narrative.

According to Jackie, “I wanted the colours to be a combination of my personality and my everyday looks. I started my channel to help Black women think out of the box. You don’t have to stick to shades that match your complexion; you can play around with color and cool tones.

” I wanted this palette to service the person who wants to experiment and the person who prefers neutrals, too.”

Speaking to Allure about the collaboration, Jackie’s confidence in herself as well as the product she has created shines through and is a prime example of why Jackie is so popular in the beauty community.

Jackie is of the people and for the people, a person who never forgets her roots and is consistently advocating for the underdog.

“I’ve been testing the product for so long and it’s literally something that represents me. Obviously, it’s important that it’s a palette that works for other people.

“When people see the looks I’ve created if they know my style they’re going to say, ‘This is such a Jackie palette.’ When you bet on yourself, you can’t lose.”

In this case, she made sure that when she was finally in a space where she was able to create a global makeup product, much like with her Too Face foundation extensions range, she ensured that she did it for the people who have had her back since the beginning; people of colour.

However, it hasn’t been an easy road and at times, it seems that Jackie’s vision would not come to fruition.

Talking to Allure, she explained, “Throughout the creative process, the brand was telling me that green and purple are really difficult shades because they typically are not very pigmented.

” I kept going back saying, ‘These are okay, but we’re not there yet.’ There were moments where I wanted to settle because I didn’t want to be difficult to work with. But this is my palette and I don’t want to like it, I want to love it, and I want to confidently stand by it. I’m so glad I did.”

Check out her reveal video on Youtube below!


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