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By Ekene Chiemeke

On the 9th of October 2020, the fight for a better Nigeria by the youths started. The youths of Nigeria came together to cause the dissolution of the The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) despite the oppression and obstacles, our voices prevailed and we won the battle.

The end of SARS is the first step But this is not all we ask for.

There are hundreds and thousands of reform we would again come out in our numbers, marching on the streets of Nigeria to cause an effective change for our future and the future of the younger generation.

However, the push to end SARS was the first step and one will ask, what is the next step? Well, they are as follows;

1. End SARS (Done)☑️

2. A judicial order must be established to prosecute officers caught in the act of extorting, unlawfully detaining and assaulting innocent citizens (they must be detained, suspended without pay, investigated and prosecuted)

3. An executive order should be given to officers demanding that they must appear in the full uniform for the purpose of identification.

4. If found guilty (officers/police) by the court of law, the victim of the police brutality and assault must be paid or compensated by the police and from the police budget.

5. The wages/ salary of the police force should be increased to nothing less than N150,000 and a maximum at least of N250,000 (this will keep them from extortion and harassment of innocent citizen).

6. The fire Arms (Guns) of the just dissolved group formerly known as SARS, should be retrieved and accounted for (we don’t want them using these instruments to cause any further harm).

7. Vocational or cooperate jobs should be given to these officer of the just dissolved group called SARS (Another step to prevent them from turning into criminals)

8. If by chance these officers are being recruited under another agency, they should be deployed to go help fight the insurgency going on in the northern states of Nigeria and a legislative order must be given to empower the families of the recruited officers.

9. A legislative order should be made for the total reform of the police force.

These are not too much to ask from the government we put in power.

I am a Nigerian youth, I am not lazy, neither am i ignorant. I will continue to exercise my fundamental human rights to the best of my ability.

Note: This is just the beginning of a greater Nigeria and a brighter future for us all.

My Name is Ekene Chiemeke, I am a Youth and I stand with the youths of Nigeria to cause change for our future.


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