Opinion: Why Do Some Women Hide Their Ages?

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I know your first response would be why  am  I asking? Yes or yes? In this climes such questions arouses another question. I understand women find it rude when they are asked in an informal setting how old they are. I wonder why they say it is ungentlemanly to ask? All ladies are Twenty years old! funny enough you can’t cheat nature, their tell-tale wrinkles betray them before they could say ‘whatever’.

Just the way women hide their age, men do the same about theirs, their occupation and financial status as not to drive away prospective spinsters. If he works in a place that is not presentable, he will just tell you “I work in town” as if he works in the whole town.

Invariably, some ladies tell the truth about their age, but men who have been brain washed and stereotyped still yet don’t believe. It is a pity we are not proud of our age, which we can’t hide from God. Many a times, lovers will say ‘I love you’, ‘I would do anything for you’ or even catch a grenade for you, yet they can’t reveal truthfully to each other, how old they really are. That is why some sadists say there is no happiness in love except at the end of an English novel. According to Anthony Trollope (The Bertrams) “those who have courage to love should have courage to suffer.”

My Dad is  68 years old, but he looks forty! To me you are as old as you feel! Qualities like compassion, brilliance, skill, character, charisma and integrity of a woman is even more essential than age. If you want to get on the wrong footing with a woman, then ask of her age or try to guess it. I guess is the way ladies are wired. They always want to appear young which to me is good business or what do you think.

Fundamentally, limiting the signs of ageing depends on the kind of lifestyle a person lives. If you eat well, consume fruits, exercise regularly, have never smoked or drink alcohol moderately, chances are you will look younger than a hardworking chain smoker. I rest my rants, people should look towards ageing gracefully, ‘age’ is just numbers!


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