Rescuers scramble to save survivors of school building collapse in Nigeria

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Hundreds of rescuers have been struggling to search and rescue victims of a collapsed building housing a school in Ita Faji area of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub. According to report, the building, located on the cramped street characterized by old buildings, went down around 9.45am when pupils of the school, which occupied the second floor were getting into the day’s activities proper and scores of residents were home.

The already gloomy street turned a shade darker in the minutes that followed the collapse – with a mixture of shocked residents, screaming women highlighting the disaster. Those who had first rushed to the scene battled against the rubble, clutching, pushing and shoving concrete and metal just to pull out those trapped.

Head of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) Adesina Tiamiyu told reporters,that many have been rescued, while some deaths were recorded. similarly, Ibrahim Farinloye, coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency in Nigeria’s southwest region, also said it was difficult to give accurate casualty figures as the rescue operation, which he coordinated, was still ongoing.

President Buhari reacting to to incident in a tweet said, “I’m extremely saddened by the news of the collapsed building in Itafaaji area of Lagos. It touches one to lose precious lives in any kind of mishap, particularly those so young and tender. May God grant everyone affected by this sad incident fortitude and succour.” he charge the Lagos State Government to do all that is needful, so that such tragic developments do not recur.

In 2017, a four-story building suddenly collapsed, killing eight people. also in 2016, 34 people were dead as a five-story building collapsed while under construction.


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