Sudan’s Military Council, Opposition Alliance Sign Political Deal

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Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition Freedom and Change Alliance on Wednesday signed with initial letters on the Political Declaration, which institutes for the transitional period structures. “Signing the agreement is a historic moment for the Sudanese nation and initiates a new era of partnership,” Mohamed Hamdan Daqlu, the TMC’s deputy chairman, said in a speech following the signing of the deal.

He noted that the deal was a fruit of an exhausting and continued effort that the Sudanese people have long awaited to embrace freedom and justice. The African Union (AU) Envoy to Sudan Mohamed Hacen Lebatt said during the signing ceremony that the signing of the deal paves the way for the coming phase and opens a new era to reach the constitutional declaration.

He thanked the TMC and the Freedom and Change Alliance over the responsibility that they have shown during the talks, and the international community for supporting the negotiations between the Sudanese parties.The Ethiopian mediator Mahmud Dirir described the signing of the deal as “a great moment for Sudan,” adding that “the Sudanese people deserve this great day.”

Ibrahim Al-Amin, a leading member in the Freedom and Change Alliance, urged all parties to refrain from whatever may divide the Sudanese people. “The coming government will work for the interests of all the Sudanese people without discrimination,” he noted.

On July 5, the TMC and the Freedom and Change Alliance, under mediation by Ethiopia and the AU, reached a deal on establishing transitional authorities to jointly govern the country. The two sides agreed on a three-year sovereignty council by rotation and a civilian government of independent national competence.

 Source: Xinhua


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