The Reality Of COVID-19 in Nigeria With Focus On Security

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As it stands now no one in the world is safe because of the COVID-19 and the multiple consequences that comes with such

Not only are we dealing with fear and uncertainty of the COVID19 but also a menace which hides in the shadows to distort national peace and cause fear and panic

Essentially security which form the bases for keeping the peace and stability of a country, this sector had its own fair share of the COVID19 stress.

Although all security apparatus all over the world had similarly security challenges.

Nigeria a country with over 250 million people had its own security challenge cut out for all the security outfit in the country.
One of the major security challenges in the country during the corona virus lockdown period was the one million boys gang in Lagos, according to report one million boys is a code-name of a robbery gang known for its notorious robbery activities around Lagos and it surrounding that gain popularity during the lock down period.

The gang was original formed in Ajegunle by a group of about 20 boys in order to fight in justice and crime but metamorphose into crime gang giving residence sleepless night.

Another, security issue is a report by the national human rights commission that Nigeria security forces have killed over 18 people in the process of enforcing the covid19 lockdown this is a bad image for an agency whose reputation of extra judicial killing and brutality is all over the news.

Similarly, according some report during the lockdown period truck drivers Mbaise at a border that connect rivers to Bayelsa state as well as other location that links Rivers and Abia State revealed that security agent collect between N50,000 to 80,000 from truck drivers.

Although during first phase of the lock down security expert predicted a high wave of crime and criminality in the country but the police and other security agencies were able to avert the prediction.

A review of the security apparatus activity during the lockdown period by analyst shows several problem such as human right abuse, extortion and extra-judicial killing mention but a few.

We strong advice the government to restructure and reform the security apparatus to reflect the current day reality.

The police on the street should be inform on the need to respect the right of every citizen.

In a more positive security situation the men of the Nigeria Armed Forces have recorded successes in some of it’s on going Operations all over Nigeria thereby destabilizing the Fulani herdsmen, bokoharam, and other insurgent within the country.


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