WhatsApp to impose intrusive policy on users May 15

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Messaging platform WhatsApp plans to re-introduce the updated privacy policy that started a backlash against the Facebook-owned messaging app in January.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll display a banner in WhatsApp providing more information that people can read at their own pace,” WhatsApp explained in a blog post. “We’ve also included more information to try and address concerns we’re hearing. Eventually, we’ll start reminding people to review and accept these updates to keep using WhatsApp.”

The privacy policy is the same one the company introduced in January, which raised privacy concerns. The initial deadline of February 8 for accepting the new terms meant users agreed or would be unable to use the app. The global rollout does not apply in the EU, since it violates data protection laws.

Amid criticism, the messaging platform delayed enforcing the new policy by three months and has been explaining its terms to users via blog posts, though its explanations fail to address what it plans to do about users who do not accept the terms.

The initial rollout of the privacy policy brought about a mass movement of users to alternative messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram.

The messaging platform is now expected to give users until May 15 to agree to the new terms and conditions.

Since 2016, WhatsApp’s privacy policies have granted the application the permission to share metadata such as user phone numbers, device information, and location among others with Facebook, which has being involved in legal tussles over privacy concerns.


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