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National identity card commission which is empowered by Section (5) of the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007 stipulates that the Commission shall: Assign a unique National Identification Number to any person registered pursuant to paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section and the National Identification Number shall be incorporated into or made compatible with other existing identity related databases or registers in respect of which information or data relating to the registered person has been registered, documented or stored.
Barely 24hrs after the award winning Boxer Anthony Joshua was issued his national identity card Nigerian twitter users is calling out the commission on her failure to fulfil her primary function. According to Obinna Nwosu I applied for my national ID since 2015. I hope Anthony Joshua’s will not be ready before mine. He just applied now.

Wale Adetona On the flip side, Anthony Joshua would get his National ID tomorrow. He’s not a common man like you and me. This system is not meant for the common man, it’s meant for the rich and connected. Stop stressing it. Get rich or japa.

BabyBoss @tejumania Anthony Joshua has gotten the National ID he enrolled for the same day. I registered since 2015, maybe the original will be out by the time I am done having children. Very insane country.
QueenRudy @gee oshio I have not even collected my National ID which I did in 2014 and your office sends me a message that my National ID had expired.

@Em___Dee Me right now… Remembering when i registered my National ID card back in 2013 & still its not ready. Japan repaired this road in just 6 days. China built this hospital in just 10 days. BUT it take @nimc_ng 7 years to print a plastic card. Naija my country

After Nigerians have accepted the mandatory use of the NIN for identification which has led to the rapid growth of the national identity data base NIDB and has harmonized and integrated existing identification data bases in government agencies into the national identity data base the question now remains why the ordeal of getting the national identity card.

By Dunioh Gideon


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